Meiosis videos

23 11 2008

Finally, here is the meiosis video series divided into 2 videos. Uploading these videos nearly destroyed my sanity.

Meiosis (video 1):

Meiosis (video 2):


Mitosis video

23 11 2008

After much pain, I’ve managed to get this video on the internet…

Transcription, Translation & DNA game!

17 11 2008

Transcription video: link

Translation video: link

DNA – The Double Helix Game

Heart Donation and Transplant videos

7 10 2008

A heart beating outside the body:

A 30 second (sped up hardcore) heart transplant:

IMPORTANT: about Monday's "quiz"

5 10 2008

While I called this a quiz, you should think of it like a TEST, because it will be very much the same format and won’t be something you can just sail through. I realized that I could write it in 15 minutes, and since I’m obviously familiar with the material already, I think it will probably take you 20-25 minutes to write it. So study hard!

Blood Type TYPO!

4 10 2008

I fixed a typo in the blood type notes, so make sure you download the newest version (Oct. 4). “A-protein” is the same thing as “Antigen A” and “B-protein” is the same thing as “Antigen B”.

Respiration Video

3 10 2008

Here is the respiration video that we watched in class